Manufacturing and Automotive

Confidence is returning thanks to pent-up demand, and we know that the focus is also on the medium and long-term future. As manufacturing and automotive businesses recover from the economic shock of the pandemic, stock levels, logistics issues and supply chains occupy the short-term.

Then there are the other major changes sweeping through the industries. The transformation to electric vehicles, increasing digitization in manufacturing and new markets opening up internationally. These are challenges and opportunities at the same time.

Kreston helps small, medium and multinational businesses. We’re here to help you deal with the short-term and develop effective strategies for what follows. This can involve modifying your business model or adopting different technologies to thrive in the new industrial environment.

The automotive components industry will be one of the most affected as electric vehicles need specialized batteries, new control and drive systems as well as different technologies and materials. Kreston is highly experienced in advising this area of the industry and is ideally placed to help businesses adapt to the future.

Some may be thinking of expanding internationally but are not sure how best to do it, while others need help in securing finance or solutions for employment issues. There are, of course, those seeing an opportunity and needing a helping hand in setting up a new business. Our international network combines detailed local knowledge with an integrated service wherever you are based.