Corporate and Personal Taxation

Kreston Cambodia is the leading tax services provider in Cambodia to the large Companies and SMEs with our professional tax consultants. Our staff in Cambodia, always represent the clients to debate the issues with tax authorities and governments, changing the way we all think about tax.

Whether your organization is SMEs or larger company, we offer tax specialist to assist our client with a prompt request and insightful solutions.

Our Services :

  • Assist in Preparation of Monthly Tax Filling
  • Assist in Preparation of Annual Tax on Profit Filling
  • Corporate Tax Planning
  • Tax Computation Review
  • Tax Audit Assistance
  • Tax Consultation
  • Tax Due Diligence with the Compliance Responsibilities Entrusted upon Kreston Cambodia , Our Clients are Assured that Filing or Lodgment Requirements are always Borne in Mind

Kreston Cambodia : The best Tax Consulting Firm in Cambodia.