IT Audit Training for Banking Sector

June 17, 2024

The training titled “Power BI” aimed at building the capacity of our auditors, was held from February 26, 2024, until March 5, 2024. The training was conducted by Mr. Khushal Makani, an IT expert from Kreston OPR Advisors LLP, India. The training participants included Mr. Tan Kokchheng, Audit Manager; Mr. Tran Hongchiv, Audit Supervisor; Mr. Ouk Virak, Audit Supervisor and Mr. Ouk Yadarom, Senior IT officer of Kreston Cambodia. The training encompassed various main objectives such as ‘Reviewing Documents and Data,’ ‘Power BI DAX Functions,’ ‘Creating Connections,’ ‘Testing Reports,’ ‘Report Creation,’ and ‘Report Testing’ in the Power BI. After the training, our participants were able to gain deep insights into data uploading, data transformation, data modeling and relationships, data visualizations, and reporting by using Power BI.

The second training on “Bank IT Audit” was conducted by Mr. Darshil Surana, the Consulting Director – Technology of Kreston OPR Advisors LLP, and was held from May 6, 2024, to May 28, 2024. The training was attended by Mr. Tan Kokchheng, Audit Manager; Mr. Tran Hongchiv, Audit Supervisor; and Mr. Ouk Darom, Senior IT officer of Kreston Cambodia. With a variety of topics and main objectives such as Reviewing Access Controls, Black Box and White Box Testing, Data Integrity and Accuracy, Data Access, Storage, and Retrieval, Data Testing, Reviewing System Configuration, Transaction Testing, and Compliance Checks, the participants were able to understand and identify the risk and control matrix of ITGC, comprehend data testing and analysis of core banking system acquisition & development, grasp IT governance and policy procedures, learn how to document ITGC control testing, review system configuration, conduct compliance checks, understand access control of logical security, physical security, remote access control, and user access management.