Doing Business in Cambodia

January 30, 2024

A guide to setting up business in Cambodia

January 31, 2024

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The Team at The team at Kreston Cambodia have written a guide to setting up business in Cambodia. The guide offers local insight on registering a business in Cambodia, Cambodian tax regulations and a list of free trade agreements.

A Guide to setting up business in Cambodia

Why invest in Cambodia?

Kreston Cambodia share their local knowledge of the country, including the economic overview and advantages of setting up a business in Cambodia.

Step-by-step process for business setup

Follow a roadmap for setting up your business in Cambodia written by Mr Keat Heng, Audit Partner of Kreston Cambodia. From initial planning to operational execution, our guide provides practical steps, including obtaining necessary permits and navigating local bureaucracies.

Legal essentials for businesses in Cambodia

Learn about the necessary legal steps to establish your business in Cambodia. The guide covers company registration, types of business entities, and the importance of understanding local laws, including tax regulations and employment law.

Cambodian tax obligations

Kreston Cambodia share detailed knowledge of the tax structure and obligations that businesses looking to establish themselves in the country should consider.


Discover financial strategies and incentives crucial for your business. The guide highlights Cambodia’s taxation system, investment incentives, and tips on effective financial planning for new ventures in the country.

Dividend Payments

For businesses that have shareholders to consider, the guide covers tax obligations on dividend payments.

Free trade agreements in Cambodia

Cambodia has many interesting bilateral, Double Taxation and free trade agreements that are worth considering before opening a business in Cambodia.

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