BRIGHTURE, 20 Years in Financial & Tax Services

February 21, 2023

Mission Statement :

Add value to clients by professionalism, be a respected financial consultant .

Vision :

Be a leader in financial service sector and a century business .

Values :

Always focus on the clients and serve them with professionalism, integrity and efficiency

Background : Incorporated in Qingdao, a Japanese enterprise has been in operation in equipment manufacturing industry for 18 years, engaging in the design, manufacture, installation of screw vacuum pump, electronic special equipment, exhaust desulfurization blower, sewage treatment device, oil-water separator, environmental protection equipment and other related products, parts and related after-sales service. It has been accredited as a high-tech enterprise for three consecutive periods since 2013, and now it is in the fourth high-tech enterprise accreditation period under our assistance. The enterprise accreditation period under our assistance. The for a total of 10 years, and has reinvested the tax savings in research and development, forming a well-developed R & D management system.


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