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Law on the Issuance and Trading of Non-Government Securities

Article 1 – Objective
The objective of this law is to regulate the securities exchange, clearing and settlement system, securities depositories and other operators in the securities markets who trade or provide financial services including public limited companies or registered legal entities that issue securities. The law contributes to socio-economic development through capital mobilization from the public or securities investors in order to meet the need for finance for investment.
Article 2 – Purpose of this Law
The purposes of the law :
  1. develop and maintain the confidence of public investors in the Kingdom of Cambodia by protecting their lawful rights and ensuring that the offer, issue, purchase and sale of securities are carried out in a fair and orderly manner.
  2. promote the effective regulation, efficiency and orderly development of the securities market in Cambodia.
  3. encourage the mobilization of variety of saving tools through buying of securities and other financial instruments.
  4. encourage foreign investment and participation in the securities market in the Kingdom of Cambodia.
  5. assist in facilitating the privatization of commercial enterprises currently owned and managed by the Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia.
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