Kreston Bulletin

Kreston Quality Bulletin Aug_2020

Chair’s Welcome
Welcome to this third edition of the Kreston International Quality Bulletin.
The world has certainly changed dramatically since the previous edition in November 2019.
It has been impressive to see the efforts being made by Kreston member firms to maintain their own business while supporting the many clients they serve.
Throughout these difficult times, I know that firms have had the quality of their work at the forefront of their mind as they have helped their clients to complete audits, access funding and plan for their business’s future.
In many cases, the ability of firms to support their clients and complete work has been facilitated by the early adoption of remote working technology and tools.
Firms have been able to access their clients’ accounting records and request additional documentation while maintaining safety and working remotely. This is made possible by the readiness of clients to make available records in an electronic format in a secure environment.
Four accounting topics everyone’s talking about : 
  1. Four accounting topics everyone’s talking about
  2. Impairment
  3. Going Concern
  4. Government Grants
Four Accounting Topics Everyone’s Talking About  Download