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Parkas on State VAT Implementation on Daily Food Supply

Article 1 : Purpose
This parkas aims to impose a burden on the state on value-added tax on basic food items to facilitate the daily lives of the people.
Article 2 : Goals
This post aims to identify a number of basic food items that are the subject of the imposition of value added tax is the responsibility of the state.
Article 3 : Scope
This Parkas is applicable to self-proclaimed taxpayers who work locally. Commodities that are the basic food for the livelihood of the people in the Kingdom of Cambodia.
Article 4 : Definition
For the purposes of this post, “Basic Food” refers to a number of product issues that Necessary for daily life as follows:
  1. Livestock meat includes beef, goat, sheep, pig, chicken, duck, although meat Fresh or processed by staining or roasting.
  2. All kinds of pet eggs, whether fresh or processed, canned or processed
  3. All kinds of freshwater and saltwater fish, including lobster, shrimp, crab and all kinds of spices, whether fresh or processed.
  4. All kinds of sugar that are not in the form of candy, all kinds of salt
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