Instruction on Exchange Rate for Taxpayers of the Self-Assessment Regime

October 31, 2022

Pursuant to Article 77, Article 78 and Article 79 of the Law on Taxation and Provisions on Value Added Tax, the General Department of Taxation issued Instruction No. 10362 dated 17 May 2022 on the use of rates. Official exchange of money for taxpayers under the declaration regime. After a meeting with the National Bank of Cambodia on October 24, 2022, the formula for choosing an exchange rate that reflects the real market and now the National Bank of Cambodia has changed the new method of setting the rate. The official exchange rate, which is the interbank rate, applies in the National Bank of Cambodia Platform “NBCP” exchange system and reflects the actual exchange rate from the market. With efficiency, transparency and efficiency, especially to make it easier for taxpayers to use the exchange rate that is in line with the market exchange rate, the General Department of Taxation has decided that all taxpayers use the official exchange rate of the National Bank of Cambodia. Daily instead.

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